Are you interested and qualified to be a tourism industry consultant?



Our Consultancy Team?

    System Upload requirement:
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Certificates
    • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
    • Letter of Reference from a Justice of the Peace/Minister of Religion
    • Police Record (if an individual)
    • Company Registration (if a company)
    • Tax Compliance Certificate (if a company)
    • Arya reserves the explicit right to select or reject any or all applications submitted to us
    • The submission of an application does not constitute an agreement or contract with Arya
    • Confirmation of approval to work with Arya is only achieved once a signed contract has been entered into between the Consultant and Arya
    • The submission of documents by the applicant to Arya implies the right given by the applicant for such information to be freely discussed by the Arya team as a part of its deliberations towards a consultancy agreement and thereafter the management of an ongoing working relationship between the consultant and Arya

    Key skills

    Technical/Functional Skills

    • Thorough knowledge of field of expertise and willingness to keep abreast of advancements in specific discipline.
    • Demonstrated analytical skills and ability to prepare performance and compliance reports.
    • All candidates should possess computer/word processing skills.
    • All candidates should possess excellent presentation skills using PowerPoint, Prezi and other presentation tools.
    • Applications will be screened based on the information provided in each professional profile.
    • All endorsed candidates will be considered for the Technical Database for a period of two years.

    Personality & Interpersonal Skills

    • Ability to structure and manage intensive workloads.
    • A worthy team player, dedicated to contributing toward the outcome desired by the client, through guidance provided by Arya.
    • High degree of emotional intelligence to effectively deal with increasingly diverse clients and teams.
    • Confidence and maturity to work with property Senior Executives, Board of Directors and or company Ownership.

    An initial screening of short-listed applicants will be conducted for a subsequent interview. Successful applicants who meet our specifications will be uploaded into our database, which will be available to the clients of Arya. Arya Resorts Management Co. Ltd. will treat all applications with the strictest of confidentiality.